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As proven players in the trucking industry with a decade of 2290 tax experience, we believe in the human touch - no automated responses. We have a United States based customer support team available, so you'll get the help you need for Simple E-Log in whatever way is convenient for you - email, phone, or live chat.

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We provide a portable and mobile solution that is certified and registered with the FMCSA, fully meeting its technical specifications. Our Phase 1 ELD will meet all FMCSA mandated requirements, with future phases to include additional features. We believe in supporting independent owner operators and driver safety- we'll never include technology that will block your starter, cut off your fuel lines, or include any sort of kill switch on our devices.

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Simple E-Log believes in providing the highest quality solution to our valued customers for the right price. We'll never lock you into a contact - choose exactly what you need, with flexible subscription plans starting as low as $19/month. We'll never charge you fees for hardware, installation, setup, or cancellation. We believe in taking care of those who have served our country- see our Pricing page for details on our Veterans Discount.

      1. Short haul exemption extended to 150 air-miles
      2. Adverse driving conditions exemption allows 2 hours of extra driving and extends Shift time by 2 hours as well
      3. 30 minutes break required can be On Duty as well
      4. Split sleeper is modified from 8 + 2 to 7 + 3. This allows 10 hours to be split in 7 hours sleeper and 3 hours off duty